What Is Sustainable Land Management

Land is used for many purposes, such as for agricultural production, to preserve nutrients, to act as a sink for greenhouse gases, filter pollutants and to purify water for the hydrological cycle. If this land is used and managed in a sustainable manner to meet the growing human needs like agriculture and forestry, mankind will still be able to maintain the long-term ecological and sociological functions of this land and improve its quality. Sustainable land management integrates research and knowledge on land and environmental management which helps secure human needs not only for the present but for the future as well.

Here are some key objectives of global sustainable land management policies that will help reduce land degradation and sustain natural resources:

  • Improve productivity without damaging natural resources
  • Support a rich soil life to guarantee good food production
  • Prevent degradation of water quality and depletion
  • Offer social benefits to humans from land management
  • Sustains economic productivity across the globe

These objectives have been tried and tested in several cities and regions like Brisbane in Queensland and more and have been useful in guiding and motivating sustainable use of land. These sustainable land policies will help combat deforestation, deal with the problem of climate change and also highlight new sources of renewable energy.

Sustainable land management involves decisions by both farmers and policy makers to ensure the efficient use of land resources and accountability for any degradation. In this system, it is important for farmers and policy makers all across the globe to focus on not just the economic benefits of agriculture but its environmental impact as well. Thus while implementing any developmental projects in places like Queensland, it is important that the environmental impacts of these projects are also developed.

At present, it is important to use sustainable methods to address the growing demands to provide food to the rising population across the globe while at the same time ensuring that the environmental and biological potential of the land stays intact. In this regard, it is important that farmers are aware of and have access to sustainable technology to improve the management of their agricultural land. In order to assess the impact of sustainable land measures, farmers must use land quality indicators like checking the nutrient balance, the yield quality, the land use intensity and the land diversity. But besides this, governments also have to create policies that will not affect the land and environment and ensure that there is a social discount rate for using land in the future to maintain its sustainability.

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