In order to ensure that there is less degradation of land and natural resources like water and soil, it is important to instigate and promote the planting of trees in all parts of the world. To do this in a sustainable manner means to properly select, place and take care of tree saplings so that these trees can grow to their full potential and provide benefits for the next generations. These sustainable tree projects will also ensure that these trees grow strong limbs, survive being uprooted and can live to their utmost life expectancy.


Before you learn the steps to plant tree saplings, it is important to ensure that you maintain these saplings so that they can last for their full potential and keep growing. For newly planted saplings that are around one and a half inches in length, you must spend at least five years looking after them and for tree saplings that are around two to four inches in length, you need to properly maintain them for around three years. You will have to also make special provisions for extreme weather events like heavy rainfall or droughts to keep your saplings safe.

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