20 Jul, 2023

Tips for Land Afforestation on an Individual Level

The act of planting trees and establishing forests, or "afforestation," is crucial in halting climate change, fostering biodiversity, and improving the condition of our world as a whole. Large-scale afforestation programs are important, but small-scale efforts can also have a…

30 Jun, 2023

Why is global land repair important for a sustainable future?

It is impossible to over the important of global land repair in the recent years. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring a sustainable future for our ecosystems.  As humans continue to exploit the natural resources of the planet, it…

01 Apr, 2023

Largest Land Reclamation Projects Across The Globe

Land reclamation projects have been taking place across the globe to help create more mainland for a variety of purposes. These projects are especially popular in areas where the mainland area is less than the coastal land and land is…

01 Apr, 2023

What Are The Different Methods Of Land Reclamation?

Land reclamation has been a widely practised technique all across the globe to provide extra land use for homes, ports, agriculture, urban and industrial uses. In this process, artificial land is created by either raising the level of seabeds, ocean…

01 Apr, 2023

5 Possible Solutions To Global Soil Degradation

Soil degradation is fast becoming a global problem due to the rise in poor management of soil for industrial, agricultural or urban purposes. When this natural resource is overused or not used properly, there is a decline in the soil…

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